Louis XV foregoes entertainment to prevent an officer’s suffering

September 22, 2011

Figure of French King Louis XV circa 1745 produced by George S. Stuart Gallery of Historical Figures.


An Army officer of Louis XV who had spent his fortune in the King’s service asked His Majesty for 1,000 golden louises to replace what he had spent, thus enabling him to continue fighting. The king promised that his request would be granted, but the Treasurer said he did not have sufficient funds. The king then decided: “Very well. Then find this sum by diminishing the portion earmarked for my pleasure, for it is not right that a king enjoy himself while one of his officers suffers.”


Jacques Necker, Galerie de l’ancienne cour (Maestricht: J. E. Dufour, 1787), Vol. 3, p. 109.

Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 111


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