Our Lady’s Call to Her Chivalry

October 26, 2017

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Look, my sons, at the situation the world is in; the desolation in which it is placed. History has not seen a similar situation or greater desolation. Because of it, a huge chastisement has been prepared, the likes of which will never be seen again. But my sons, I do not want for you only the easy task of being my honor guard when I win. Participating in victory is glorious but easy. I want of you something much higher. I don’t want you to be a shiny cavalry brigade in spotless uniform on magnificent steeds accompanying the Queen to the cathedral where she will be crowned.

No! I want you to be soldiers who have fought in the trenches, earned merits, and had real glory. I do not need a picket of toy soldiers but a picket of heroes. A hero is one who, faced with sacrifice, says “Yes!” A hero is one who says yes before a most serious sacrifice, whatever the cost may be. He says, “Yes, I accept.” And when sacrifice begins to descend upon him, he takes it as my divine Son took the Cross: He kissed it with affection, placed it on His shoulders and began to walk. He arrived at the top of Calvary and allowed Himself to be killed. I want of you the long walk from the beginning of sacrifice to its very end: I want total sacrifice. My sons, do you want this?My son, are you daring? Are you courageous? Are you resolved to fight for me? I am being torn from my throne: Fight harder than ever! But begin by fighting inside your own soul. Do not worry so much about the Revolution outside of you. It does exist and you were called to defeat it; but in order to defeat it outside, you must first overcome it inside you. My son, I run the risk of being dethroned!”


(Excerpt from a Saint of the Day, Saturday, Jan. 13, 1990 – Nobility.org translation)




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