How a Princess confronts assassins

February 8, 2018

Louise-Emmanuelle de Châtillon, Princesse de Tarente

During the September massacres Madame la Princesse de Tarente was confined in one of the prisons where these terrible scenes were enacted. Her courage proves what strength of mind a woman can sometimes evince when required by circumstances. Brought before her judges, they promised her life if she would accuse the Queen. Instead of accusing her, she boldly pleaded her cause. Strange to say, the intrepid Princess was acquitted, but was soon seized again. Whereupon she demanded, with dauntless courage, that they should give her death or perfect liberty. Her judges were so amazed at her proud defiance, that her very assassins were confounded, and they allowed her to go free.

A Short History of the French Revolution for Young People: Pictures of the Reign of Terror, by Lydia Hoyt Farmer. 1889, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co. Pg. 435

Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 612

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