Queen Margrethe of Denmark criticizes “global warming” hysteria

October 22, 2012

In times when many scientists refrain from denouncing the environmentalist “global warming” hysteria for fear of jeopardizing their professional careers, it is most comforting to see that Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was unafraid to do so.

During a July 2011 visit to Greenland—a self-ruling autonomous region under the Danish crown—Queen Margrethe took hysterical warmers to the woodshed: “You must understand that you cannot change the climate. The climate is changing itself.” “You simply cannot go out there with a freezer and make new ice for a fjord! That´s how things are!” “And there is nothing we can do about it.” 


Environmentalists reacted with their habitual vitriol, yet one comment by user “DERise,” posted on a blog that carried the royal news, illustrates well the sordid continuity between the French Revolution’s Jacobin Terror and the firebrands of the environmentalist movement: “She’ll rue that statement on her last ride to visit the green reincarnation of the national razor.”[1]

“The national razor” was the name given to the guillotine during the French Terror. King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were among the thousands beheaded. “Her last ride” refers to the cart ride between the prison and the place of execution. The Revolution’s victims were packed into a tumbrel and showered with curses and invectives as it was pulled through the streets.

Queen Margrethe’s academic background is not one to dismiss lightly, for she has carried out studies at Cambridge, Sorbonne, the London School of Economics and other institutes of higher learning. However, it is in her role as Queen of Denmark that her statements take on that special prestige and resonance that so upsets revolutionaries.

In denouncing the unscientific ideology of global warming, Queen Margrethe not only exercised her right to speak out, but fulfilled her sovereign duty to defend the common good of her people. Too much financial damage has already been wreaked by this discredited ideology on Western economies.

The Queen deserves full encouragement and our enthusiastic support in her opposition to so-called global warming.

For some Danish news coverage on the controversy, click here.


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