Organic society and human progress

April 18, 2013

Dr. Plinio

 (based on a talk by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira – MNF of Sept. 29, 1993)


Organic society precedes aristocracy. The very principles from which an organic society may be reborn stem from an action of the Holy Ghost.

Everything we say about organic society is part of a global view of the foundations of the Reign of Mary.*

Flower Market In A French Town by Alfred Glendening.

In the spiritual order, for example, it would include the full knowledge of the world of symbols as completing man’s capacity to know and which takes him far beyond what he is accustomed to take advantage of.

There would have to be a renovation and expansion in all fields. Then we would understand what Our Lady would give to men along the lines of “renewing the face of the earth.”

Wedding of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria to Princess Antonia of Luxembourg. Seated is the future Pope Pius XII.

Such a vision of things would also give us an idea not just how revolutionary and evil per se the actual order of things is, but how atrophied it is, because there is no understanding today of what the world would be like in the fullness of its progress.

The fact is that progress is the march towards the fullness of perfection in human conditions and all creation, and toward knowing this fullness perfectly, in order to act and organize.

Iwo Jima Monument



* Editorial comment—the Reign of Mary: Among other great saints, St. Louis de Montfort (1673-1716) foretold the end of this multi-secular process of decadence and evil (the “Revolution”) and the coming of an age of faith and devotion to the Blessed Mother during which Christian civilization would reach a perfection never before seen.


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