Swearing allegiance to the Queen is swearing allegiance to a form of government, court rules

August 18, 2014

According to The Globe and Mail:

…three permanent residents who have refused citizenship over an oath…launched a constitutional challenge last year, arguing that forcing candidates for Canadian citizenship to swear allegiance to the Queen violates the protections for free speech and freedom of religion…

But in a decision issued on Wednesday, Ontario’s top court dismissed their objections…, [and] says that would-be citizens are not actually swearing allegiance to the Queen herself as “the reference to the Queen is symbolic of our form of government and the unwritten constitutional principle of democracy.”

…Dror Bar-Natan…calls the oath “repulsive” because he says the Queen is a symbol of inequality.

To read the entire article in The Globe and Mail, please click here.

Painting by Jean Fouquet

Painting by Jean Fouquet

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