King Philip’s Devotion

November 12, 2015

Portrait of the Philip II King of Spain by Mor Van Dashorstanthonis Van Dashorst, 1554

One day while the Blessed Sacrament was being carried a great distance to a sick person, Philip II, King of Spain, accompanied It all the way on foot. The priest, observing this, asked him if he were not tired.

Last Rites
“Tired!” he replied. “No: behold my servants wait on me day and night, and never have I heard one of them complain of being tired. Shall I, then, complain of fatigue when I am in company with my Lord and my God, Whom I can never sufficiently serve and honor?”


The Catechism In Examples Vol. IV By the Rev. D. Chisholm Pg. 197.

Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 500



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