We need a chivalry of the spirit to combat the Revolution in the Reign of Mary

June 8, 2017

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

This would be the chivalry of that time: a chivalry that would be much more one of the spirit than one of brute force. It would be a chivalry of a spiritual nature which, if it remained faithful, would make it impossible to happen to it what happened to the crusaders. There is an understandable side to all those reasons for deterioration that happened in the crusades. Yet there appears to have been no religious order that studied the reasons for the fall of the crusades and carried out an action among the Orders of Chivalry to make them fight what was making them rot. They were missing someone with the spirit of Counter-Revolution that we will have to have in the 21st century.


(Excerpt from a Tea, Friday, Jan. 19, 1990 – Nobility.org translation)


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