Motherhood: Natural Vocation of Woman

May 10, 2018

Forgotten Truths By Pope Pius XII

The sphere of woman, her manner of life, her native bent, is motherhood. Every woman is made to be a mother; a mother in the physical meaning of the word or in the more spiritual and exalted but no less real sense. For this purpose the Creator organized the whole characteristic make-up of woman, her organic construction, but even more her spirit and, above all, her delicate sensitiveness.

Thus it is that a woman who is a real woman can see all the problems of human life only in the perspective of the family. That is why her delicate sense of her dignity puts her on guard any time that a social or political order threatens to prejudice her mission as a mother or the good of the family.

Has woman’s position been thereby improved? Equality of rights with man brought with it her abandonment of the home where she reigned as queen, and her subjection to the same work strain and working hours.

It entails depreciation of her true dignity and the solid foundation of all her rights, which is her characteristic feminine role, and the intimate coordination of the two sexes. The end intended by God for the good of all human society, especially for that of the family, is lost sight of.

Taken from Tradition, Family and Property Magazine, July-August 1994,  Pg. 12, by Pope Pius XII, Allocution on Woman’s Duties in Social and Political life, Oct. 21, 1945 in Fr. Raymond B. Fullan, S.J. The Popes on Youth: Principle for Forming and Guiding Youth from Leo XIII to Pius XI. New York: America Press, 1956, pp. 259-261.


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