Fleur-de-lis And Other Molded Sugar

June 13, 2019

Found in almost every recipe, there are many different ways that sugar is used and here is one unique way to use sugar. Instead of the common form of sugar cubes, try making them in the various shapes seen below!

You can use any candy mold you wish to shape the sugar into. All you will need is:

1/2 Cup of Sugar

1 teaspoon of water.

L to R: Coffee/herb grinder; 1 teaspoon of water; metal bowl and fork; 1/2cup of sugar.

Use a clean, never been used, coffee/herb grinder. Pour the 1/2 cup of sugar into the grinder. Grind and shake the sugar until it becomes a powdery mixture. The idea is to have a fine mix of the sugar. Don’t grind too long.

Various candy molds

Empty the ground sugar into the metal bowl and add the teaspoon of water. You might have to add a drop or two more of water. Use your fork to mix it together. Make sure it is all mixed and holding together.

Press the sugar into each of the candy forms, one by one, making sure to clean the edges as you go along. The sugar will harden and you want a clean edge so you don’t have so much to remove later. Fill the candy forms with all of the sugar and remove any remaining sugar on the forms. You can fill two fleur-de-lis candy molds with one batch. Do not double the recipe! You have to work pretty quickly; once the sugar dries, it becomes too hard to work with.

Put the filled candy form sugar molds in an area so you won’t move them for 24hrs. They have to dry completely before removing them from the molds. Once dry, the easiest way to remove the sugar from its molds, is to take a flat tray or a cutting board. Put the flat tray or cutting board on top of the mold; hold the bottom of the mold and the tray and flip. Put both on the counter and with a gentle twist of the sides of the mold, you can remove the sugars.

Store the sugars in a tin, jar or tupperware to keep the air and moisture out. Enjoy with your tea or coffee!

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