October 8 – St. Keyne

October 7, 2019

Keyne was a princess, one of the many children of King Brycan of South Wales.

Growing up into a very beautiful young woman she was sought in marriage by many noble lords, but resolutely refused all of them.

Instead, she took a vow of virginity and retired into solitude.

The Well of St. Keyne, painted by Thomas Creswick.

The Well of St. Keyne, painted by Thomas Creswick.

It was after this resolution that she was called “Cain Wyry”, Keyne the Maiden.

Crossing over the Severn, she set up her abode on the left bank. She finally settled in the area of present-day Keynsham, in Somerset.

She lived there for years making many journeys and founding oratories and churches.

Her nephew, St. Cadoc, later convinced her to return to Wales, where she settled near a mountain, at which place she caused a healing well to spring up.

She died on October 8 about the year 505.

(h/t America Needs Fatima)


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