Saint Louis IX, the Crusader-King, Was a Peacemaker Among Christians

June 4, 2020

St. Louis IX and the prisoners freed at his coronation.

Differences arose between the Greek clergy and the Latin clergy of the isle of Cyprus. Louis succeeded in putting an end to them. The Templars and Hospitallers appealed to him as judge in their constantly reviving quarrels; he made them swear to be reconciled, and to have no other enemies than those of Christ. The Genoese and Pisans resident at Ptolemaïs, had long and serious disputes, both parties having recourse to arms, and nothing appeared able to check the fury and scandal of a civil war in a Christian city. The wise mediation of Louis reestablished peace. Aitho, king of Armenia, and Bohemond, prince of Antioch and Tripoli, implacable enemies, both sent ambassadors to the king of France; he induced them to conclude a truce; thus Louis IX appeared among the nations of the East as an angel of peace and concord.

Joseph François Michaud, History of the Crusades, trans. W. Robson (London: George Routledge and Co., 1852), 2:371 – 2.

Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 729



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