Scotland: Robert the Bruce Statue Vandalised with ‘BLM’, ‘Racist King’ Slogans

June 18, 2020

According to Breibart:

The statue of Scotland’s most famous ruler, Robert the Bruce, has been vandalised with graffiti branding him a “racist king”.

Vandals daubed “racist King” and “BLM” on the plinth of the Scots ruler’s equestrian statue…

They also wrote out the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” slogan in full on the ground in front of the statue, and “robert was a racist / bring down the statue” on a nearby rotunda, according to reports.

…the vast majority of Scots, including those of Robert’s noble class, would be likely to live their entire lives without encountering someone with sub-Saharan African heritage during the period.

To read the entire article on Breitbart, please click here.


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