November 3 – Patron of Buckingham

November 1, 2021

St. Rumwold of Buckingham

His father was king of Northumberland, his mother a daughter of Penda, king of the Mercians. He was born at Sutthun, and baptized by Widerin, a bishop, the holy priest Eadwold being his godfather. He died very young on the 3rd of November and was buried in Sutthun by Eadwold. The year following his remains were translated by Widelin to Brackley in Northamptonshire, and on the third year after his death to Buckingham where his shrine was much resorted to out of devotion. The 28th of August was celebrated at Brackley, probably the day of the translation of his relics.

See an abstract of his life in Leland’s Itiner. p. 34, alias 48. Brown-Willis in the history of the county-town of Buckingham, etc.

(The Lives of the Saints, by Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73).  Volume XI: November, p. 367)


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