The Second Vatican Council – Continued

December 16, 2021


A. The Second Vatican Council – Continued

Statue of Martin Luther in Germany outside the [protestant] Marktkirche temple. Luther is stepping on the Papal Bull of Excommunication of Luther.

History narrates the innumerable dramas the Church has suffered in the twenty centuries of her existence: oppositions that germinated outside her and tried to destroy her from outside; malignancies that formed within her, were cut off by her, and thereafter ferociously tried to destroy her from outside.

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When, however, has history witnessed an attempted demolition of the Church like the present one? No longer undertaken by an adversary, it was termed a “self-destruction” in a most lofty pronouncement having world-wide repercussion.1.

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From this resulted an immense debacle for the Church and what still remains of Christian civilization. The Ostpolitik of the Vatican, for example, and the massive infiltration of communism into Catholic circles are effects of all these calamities. And they constitute additional successes of the psychological offensive of the Third Revolution against the Church.

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1. Allocution of Paul VI to the Lombardy Seminary , December 7, 1968.

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Revolution and Counter-Revolution (York, Penn.: The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, 1993), Part III, Chapter II, pg. 148 – 149.



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