Not Only Does Egalitarianism Want to Remake Man but the Universe Itself

September 29, 2022

2018 Women’s March in Missoula, Montana. Photo by Montanasuffragettes

This egalitarian movement not only wants equality in religion, in politics, and in the economy, but also total egalitarianism in all things—not only equality among men, but also an egalitarian vision of the very universe itself. In this way man will one day see himself in a universe where all things are equal, uniform, standardized, and reduced to the same size and dimension, to the same nature and proportion. This is the essence of the Egalitarian Revolution.

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, quoted in Egalitarianism: The Metaphysical Value and Religion of Our Days; Social Leveling . . . Total Leveling, edited by Tradition, Family Property Association (Glasgow: Tradition, Family, Property Association, 2011), xxiii.



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