Centralisation: A People vs. the Masses – Continued

November 3, 2022


More precisely, we have technocrats who leave their respective centres of life and go to the capitol to imbibe an artificial life. From there they direct the propaganda and obtain, through elections, the necessary mandate to implement whatever they want. In this way, the capitol, with its peculiar values, continues to direct society from outwards in. All regional and local values gradually lose their influence and capacity to develop.

The result of this process is the impoverishment of modern man. Each of us has the sensation that he is an isolated grain of sand within a multitude. We are gradually becoming so accustomed to reacting only to external stimuli (all means of social communication, primarily television, printed media, cinema, the internet, twitter, etc.) that we are renouncing everything that originates from within us and that projects itself on the outside world. We are passive and inert in face of the enormity of outside stimuli leading all of us where we know not; but if we did know, we would tremble.

A typical example of how this influence works was illustrated by a full page picture in the magazine Paris Match (1966). There was a photo of a young lady dressed in a very masculine way and who was brandishing a club. Since her mother had been a movie star, the magazine had also published a photo of the mother when a young lady herself. The photo showed her to be very feminine at a time when women were proud to be so and when a man’s appreciation for a woman grew in direct proportion to her femininity. There is also a very masculine man at her side embracing her, presumably the father of the young lady. One could think that if the mother, who had been proud to be so feminine, could have foreseen that her daughter would turn out to be this strapping lad of the feminine sex, she would have fainted.

One must ask how she was led to accept this in such a way as not to even perceive she had changed. It was precisely because of external stimuli: “This is the fashion now, so this is how it should be.” She did not reason the thing out; so, what was the consequence? She was completely transformed as a result of an unperceived cultural or psychological transhipment. Exercising an influence coming from without, the external stimuli gradually impose upon us, and within us, prototypes, fashions, and ways of being that can be in contradiction with our most profound tendencies.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pg. 31-32.



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