Aseity of Social Groups

December 8, 2022


Not only individuals, but also social groups can practice aseity. Social groups include neighbourhoods, parishes, institutions, academies, and even families. As a moral entity, each social group has its own aseity. Each group can engender and develop its own richness, which springs from the ample and organic richness of soul of its members.

Aseity should be practiced under the guidance of the inspiration and light of truly Christian principles. It must be based on Faith and morality. Furthermore, it must be rooted in reason and true philosophy. With this solid foundation each social group, each region, nation, cycle of civilisation, or culture finds its proper direction. This is how aseity works.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pgs. 42-43.



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