How a Person Is Influenced by the Opinions of Friends

January 5, 2023


Man tends to accept regularly the opinions in vogue among his friends. This is a deterioration of the instinct of sociability that leads man to go with the tide without realising how wrong it may be. This is caused by the desire to agree with others and avoid the discomfort of disagreeing. It is compounded by a laziness to think for oneself and to assert oneself.

“the desire to agree with others and avoid the discomfort of disagreeing.”

The instinct of sociability thus pushes people to want to accept a dominant opinion in society. It forces people to depend on certain social tendencies and currents that oppose the practice of aseity.

Opposition to the forced, “normalization” of society…standing against sin.

A modern example of this lack of aseity is the man who goes to a football game with a radio in hand. He listens to the radio while he watches the game because he needs the radio broadcast to boost his excitement. Although watching the same game, he needs someone to tell him what is happening to feel the pleasure of being part of the crowd and its excitement.

Nothing could be further from aseity. Instead of developing interior qualities, this football spectator destroys them, allowing external things to make him contrary to what he ought to be. This desire to be one with the masses is caused by the natural instinct of sociability and the downward pull of fallen human nature after Original Sin. This tendency is so strong that unless constantly opposed, men go astray.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pgs. 45-46.



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