A Rough Draft to Be Completed by an Ideal Model

February 2, 2023


According to the doctrine of the primordial light, at birth, man could be compared to a rough draft. He must finish it based on an ideal model. That ideal model is his primordial light. A man truly sanctifies himself when he strives to know, accept, and form himself according to his primordial light.

Statue of St. Augustine and the Angel in the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation in Madrid, Spain.

So the practice of aseity cannot be based on arbitrary whims. It cannot be based on feelings. Rather, it must seek to obtain knowledge of one’s primordial light. The driving force—a mixture of grace and effort—is to reach his primordial light. That is aseity.

St. Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross

Since the primordial light is extremely profound, it must come from deep within. When he strives to accomplish this interior ideal, with grace and effort, he is sanctified. Consequently man practices true aseity when he knows his primordial light and sanctifies himself.

Thus, aseity creates an atmosphere which favours one’s primordial light and opposes one’s capital vice, by developing all of one’s qualities.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pgs. 47-48.



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