A Royal Kick

July 6, 2023

[Marie Antoinette] she bore the fatigues of her pregnancy marvelously well. “My health is always excellent,” she wrote on August 14. “My child made its first movement on Wednesday, July 31, at half-past ten in the evening; since then it often moves, which gives me much joy. I cannot tell my dear mamma how each movement adds to my happiness.” On the following day she sought her husband. “I come, Sire,” she said to him gaily, “to complain of one of your subjects, who has had the audacity to kick me.” The king laughed his big, hearty laugh, and tenderly embraced his wife.

The Life of Marie Antoinette, Volume 1 by Maxime de La Rocheterie. Pg. 231

Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 885


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