Martyr of the Muslims – St. Peter Paschal

December 4, 2023

St. Peter Paschal, Bishop and Martyr

Painting by Jeroni Jacint Espinosa

This saint was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1227, and descended of the ancient family of the Paschals, which had edified the Church by the triumphs of five glorious martyrs, which it produced under the Moors.

Peter’s parents were virtuous and exceedingly charitable; and St. Peter Nolasco often lodged with them in his travels. The birth of our saint was ascribed by them to his prayers and blessing, and the child received from him an early tincture of sincere piety. Peter Paschal performed his studies under domestic tutors, and, having received the tonsure, was made canon at Valencia, soon after the king of Arragon had won that city from the Moors.

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