The universe of the angels, of which the universe of man is a reflection

January 4, 2024

The angelic order is more perfect than that of men and, compared with that of men, seems almost like the order that exists between numbers and sounds, with which it is possible to construct every harmony.

The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London, shows three hierarchies and nine orders of angels, each with different characteristics

The greater angel, the archetype of the lesser, is a symbol of what he says to the lesser (…) He communicates things regarding God by saying…and symbolizing.

We men are so inferior to the angels!

Meanwhile, we bear the glorious title of being the clasp that fastens, the bond that unites the immensely great with the immensely small, and therefore, humanity is where harmony is maintained.

Because it is in the bond that harmony triumphs.

O Universo é uma Catedral: Excertos do pensamento de Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira recolhidos por Leo Daniele, Edições Brasil de Amanhã, São Paulo, 1997.


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