Our Lady is the flower and pearl of Creation

March 21, 2024

She is a mother defined by a single word, the sea (o mar), which in its turn gives origin to a name. A name that in itself is a paradise: Maria.

Our Lady could very well be referred to as the Mater Inimaginabilis (the Unfathomable Mother).

The incommensurable ocean of perfections and graces within Her is such that, the more that we know of Her, the more we know that we will never know everything there is to know about Her.

1784 processional banner of the Lisbon Holy House of Mercy depicting the Our Lady of Mercy protecting all social classes; the first verse of the hymn is quoted underneath.

Our Lady is an unspeakably great mother, an indescribably sweet and accessible queen, a rainbow that gathers in an incomparable synthesis the two aspects of grandeur: superiority and generosity.

Our Lady contains apogees, charms, perfections, and excellences that escape and always will escape our gaze, and that are contemplated only by God.

St. Alphonsus leaving his sword at the feet of Our Lady.

There is something unfathomable about Her: in ecstasy we fall at Her feet and [contemplating Her, are given to understand much about Her], and in understanding much about Her, we understand that we have understood almost nothing about Her.

The days of men are in the hands of God, but the hands of God depend upon the Heart of Mary.

Our Lady of Deliverance, Empress of China

[The Eternal Father sent Our Lord to the world] not only because it was Our Lady that was asking (and if she hadn’t asked Our Lord would not have come), but God the Father sent Him to Her specifically, because only Our Lady was worthy of receiving Him.

Our Lady is the flower and pearl of Creation!

O Universo é uma Catedral: Excertos do pensamento de Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira recolhidos por Leo Daniele, Edições Brasil de Amanhã, São Paulo, 1997.


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