Letter of Saint John Bosco to the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, May 24, 1873

May 23, 2024

This document was found on July 14, 1873, by Father Berto while searching for some papers on St. John Bosco’s desk. Later the Saint gave it to him to be transcribed and delivered to the Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph. As can be seen, the document is a vital message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Austrian Emperor.

Photograph of St. Don Bosco writing in Turin.

“Thus saith the Lord to the Emperor of Austria:

“Take heart: provide for my faithful servants and for thyself.  My ire is about to explode over all the nations of the earth, because they want to make My law be forgotten and to carry in triumph those who profane it, oppressing those who observe it.”

“Dost thou wish to be the rod of My poser? Dost thou wish to fulfill My hidden desires and to make thyself the benefactor of mankind?”

  “Support thyself on the nations of the north, but not on Prussia. Tighten relations with Russia, buy no alliance with her. Associate thyself with Catholic France. After France will come Spain. Form one sole spirit, one sole action. Maintain the greatest secrecy in face of the enemies of My Holy Name. With prudence and energy thou shalt make thyself invincible. Do not believe in the lies of those who tell thee the contrary. Do not make pacts with the enemies of the Crucified.”

“Hope and confide in Me, Who am the giver of victories to armies, the Savior of the peoples and of sovereigns.”  Amen. Amen.

(From Biografia y Escritos de San Juan Bosco [Madrid: Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (B.A.C.)] 1955.

Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 627


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