Video – Emperor Franz Josef is greeted by his Catholic subjects

June 11, 2012

Archduke Friedrich and the Imperial Army, conveys congratulations to Kaiser Franz Josef on his 85th Birthday. does not agree that Franz Josef was tyrannical or domineering.

Link to video is here:

Views of Francis Joseph I, Emperor of Austria-Hungary, and an entourage of military officers and civilians walking down a wide avenue; the street is lined with people greeting the Emperor. Editorial comment: —

The proper archetype for authority is a father, not a despot, a tyrant.
Our fallen human nature inclines us to evil, so we struggle to obey those in authority and to honor those who are superior to us. While it is easier for us to show this respect and obedience to our natural father, this is not a given, which is why we have the Fourth Commandment:  “Honor thy father and mother.”
In society, those in government are constituted in authority and thus are covered by the Fourth Commandment. It is our duty  to obey, respect and honor them, and this is made easier when those in authority act like a father towards the nation.
As many Habsburg sovereigns, Emperor Franz Josef was a true father to his people, and they, in their turn, saw him as a father and loved him as one.

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