Video: Protesters target Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

June 4, 2012

From The Telegraph: “Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic chose the day to voice their opposition to monarchy and to call for a republican constitution for Britain, mounting a protest near Tower Bridge. The protesters were boo-ed by a few members of the pageant crowd who were enjoying watching the 1,000 boat flotilla pass.”

To read the full article in the The Telegraph, please click here. Editorial comment: —

Recent polls indicate that 78% of Britain is very fond of Queen Elizabeth II, and the Crown enjoys a 69% popularity rating. Indeed, these percentages do look reasonable as 1.2 million people lined up along the banks of the Thames to applaud the Queen as she sailed by in her royal barge.
And 100 egalitarian protesters were also there to spoil things.
However, their protest has an unintended benefit: we appreciate the monarchy even more.

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