Are Finishing Schools Finished?

July 12, 2012

According to The Financial Express:

Their day begins with a lecture from Mme Neri on protocol. It soon becomes clear that, for some people, seating your guests at dinner can be a worryingly complicated affair.

Where should you put the second son of a duke, for example? Is he more important than a daughter? Which country’s ambassador takes precedence?

“We’ve been taught how to dress appropriately,” says Jessica. “And how to eat correctly, how to have polite conversation. It’s a good experience, to know how to behave better.”

“Etiquette and table manners, these are the soft skills that are important,” insists Sonom.

To read the complete article in The Financial Express, please click here.

St Catherine’s Finishing School A former young ladies finishing school dating from 1855 on Oak Hill in Finchfield. Photo by John M. Editorial comment: —

Grace and manners are given short shrift in an egalitarian world, but they are the very soul of an aristocratic and hierarchical society.
Some years ago a senior TFP member, a diplomat’s son, held open an elevator door and waited for a woman to enter before him. Being egalitarian, she took offence, and instead of showing herself gracious and grateful, she snapped at him rudely: “You did that because I’m a lady!”
Well schooled in the finer arts, the TFP member answered evenly: “No, ma’am. I did it because I’m a gentleman.”
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