Condemnation of Prince Harry’s scandalous Las Vegas behavior

August 27, 2012

Prince Harry training as an Apache pilot in the U.S.

Photographer: Sgt Russ Nolan RLC. Image 45153748.jpg from

  Although is thankful for the good example Prince Harry has given to millions worldwide by serving in the British Army and fighting Islamist terrorists in Afghanistan—a fine example of military dedication and sacrifice that pacifists find loathsome—we are appalled and vehemently condemn his scandalous and immoral behavior last week in Las Vegas, Nev.

   We do not accept the Royal Household’s excuses that the pictures taken and widely circulated on the Internet and in the “yellow press” are an “invasion of privacy.” Granted, these pictures should never have been taken or published, but “privacy” considerations do not even begin to address the issue. A prince—and all the more so one who is 3rd in the line of succession for the British throne—owes it to his people, and to admirers of the monarchy everywhere, to carry himself as a prince. His is a bar that far exceeds that of a gentleman, which is already high for today’s dissolute society.
Photo by Nick Warner

Prince Harry with Kate Middleton at the 2008 procession of the Order of the Garter

   Moral standards have been falling for decades, and for a long time now Prince Harry’s behavior in this matter has been anything but a good example. Today’s immorality and amorality threaten to destroy the sacred institution of the family and with it, not just Christian civilization, but society itself. As everyone,  Prince Harry has a serious choice to make: he can either “go with the flow,” or he can reject and resist the Sexual Revolution with the help of God’s grace. If he chooses the easy but dishonorable way, he will be swept away like flotsam by the Revolution. If, instead, he chooses the path of virtue and duty—and we pray that he opt for this honorable course—he can become part of society’s moral restoration and be an inspiration to his generation.
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