Heroic residents save Nigerian emir from suicide bomber – AFP

August 6, 2012

According to AFP:

A top Muslim traditional leader in northeastern Nigeria escaped a suicide attack on Friday, when the bomber was thwarted by local people before blowing himself up, residents said.

The target of the attack was Muhammad Abali, the top Muslim traditional leader in Yobe state, where Potiskum is located, and whose official title is the Emir of Fika.

To read complete article at AFP, please click here.

To read more about Muhammad Abali, the 13th Emir of Fika (the 43rd emir according to the traditions of his people), please click here.

Muhammad Abali is the 13th Emir of Fika, located in Yobe State (in red), Nigeria

Nobility.org Editorial comment: —

It is important to note that Boko Haram, the al-Qaeda and others in the Islamist Revolution look on the traditional leaders of Muslim nations and regions (whether shah, king, prince, nawab, emir, sultan, raja, khan, bey, sheikh, or tribal chieftain) as legitimate targets. The Islamist goal is anarchical revolution and its adepts oppose the principle of authority as such in human society.

Osama bin Laden’s ideological mentor, Sayyed Qutb, wrote in the Islamist handbook Milestones: “Man is servant to Allah alone, and he can remain so only if he unfurls the banner, ‘No deity except God,’—‘La ilaha illa Allah’—as an Arab with the knowledge of his language understood it, [it meant] no sovereignty except God’s, no law except from God, and no authority of one man over another, as the authority in all respects belongs to God.” Sayyed Qutb, Milestones (Delhi: Markazi Maktaba Islami, 1995), pp. 40, 44. (Our emphasis.)

In his turn, Roger Garaudy, the French Communist intellectual-turned Muslim, wrote in his Message to Islam at the end of his memoirs:

“I say it and proclaim it: Islam today needs a ‘Liberation Theology’ to find anew, in a new historical period, its first demands of social justice.

“Islam needs to become again an Islam of the poor against an Islam of the princes and the ulemas who make of it the ‘opium of the people.’” Roger Garaudy, Mi vuelta al siglo en solitario (Barcelona: Plaza & Janes Editores, S.A. 1991), p. 358. (Our emphasis.)

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