Mary’s Queenship

March 25, 2013

Dr. Plinio

 (based on a talk by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira)


The queenship of Our Lady is supernatural in character because she is the first and highest of God’s creatures. She is not the first in the order of nature, for the Angels are more than she.  An angel is a pure spirit and, therefore, more than a human creature.  But she is the first creature in the order of grace.  That is, she received incomparably more graces than the Angels.  The graces the Angels received are subordinate to the graces Our Lady received.

Church of Our Lady in Breda, Netherlands.

Our Lady is the first of creatures because she is the Mother of God.  No one has had or can have a union with the Most Holy Trinity as close as hers.  She is the Most Beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father, the Most Admirable Mother of the Eternal Word, and the Most Faithful Spouse of the Holy Ghost.

Statue of Our Lady in Tyrol

Further, she is Queen because God placed the government of all things in her hands.  God does not do any supernatural thing on earth that does not pass through her.  All the prayers that are raised from earth to Heaven pass through her; all the graces that come from God to earth are at her request.  If all Heaven were to implore something without her intercession, it would not be attained; and if she alone among the citizens of Heaven would ask for something, she would obtain all she asked for.  This makes her a Queen in the plenitude of the term. 

Now then, these concepts that correspond to her Heavenly Queenship, which is her highest title, must correspond also to her earthly Queenship.  What is this earthly Queenship of Our Lady?  All of human society should be organized in such a way that everything is according to Her will, recognizing the fact that she is Queen. All those who govern should follow Her will.


Now, what is the will of Our Lady?  Since she does not appear in mystical ways to communicate with us, how can we know her will?  Above all other things, the will of Our Lady lies in Catholic doctrine and in obedience to the Catholic Church as the Church always was.  In essence, this is the will of Our Lady, because her will coincides with the will of God.  Obedience to the Catholic Church is, therefore, the clearest and most indisputable component of the will of Our Lady.


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