Prince Hisahito parts ways with school tradition – The Japan Times

April 11, 2013

According to The Japan Times:

Prince Hisahito, the 6-year-old son of Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, attended the enrollment ceremony Sunday at an elementary school affiliated with Ochanomizu University in Tokyo.

It is the first time since the end of the war that a member of the Imperial family has attended an elementary school other than Gakushuin Primary School.

Prince Hisahito is the third in line to the Chrysanthemum Throne after his uncle, Crown Prince Naruhito, and his father, Prince Akishino. His parents want him to stick with his kindergarten friends and study in familiar surroundings.

To read the entire article in The Japan Times, please click here.

Nobility Editorial Comment:

We are saddened by this gesture of the Japanese Imperial Family. This was an unnecessary concession to the egalitarian culture and ideology. The Japanese have the right to see tradition honored in the education of their prince.

Prince Hisahito

Prince Hisahito


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