Maria Cristina of Savoy to be beatified

May 16, 2013

According to Realtà Sannita:

…Servant of God Maria Cristina of Savoy, wife of Ferdinand II and Queen of the Two Sicilies….was born in Cagliari in 1812 of Vittorio Emanuele I of Savoy and Maria Theresa.  She died in the Royal Palace of Naples, due to post-partum infection, at the age of 23. The people acclaimed her as the “princess saint.”

At the Royal Palace of Naples she prayed the Rosary daily.

To read the entire article in the Italian original, on Realtà Sannita, please click here.

Maria Cristina of Savoy, the "Princess Saint"

Maria Cristina of Savoy, the “Princess Saint”

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