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June 13, 2013

According to BBC News:

A bid to allow aristocratic daughters to inherit a country estate over their younger brothers was “bogusly egalitarian” said the former editor in chief of Burke’s Peerage.

Charles Mosley said it would lead to age discrimination which he reckoned was “just as evil, just as wicked” as sexual discrimination, and he added that “life is unequal and unfair”.

To view the video on BBC News, please click here. Editorial comment:

As with same-sex “marriage”—introduced and pushed into law by Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron—it is painful to see liberal, egalitarian measures being championed by someone whose party label misleads the public at large into thinking its political platform is about preserving the status quo.

We refer to The Hon. Mary MacLeod, Conservative MP for Brentford and Isleworth, who in March introduced a Bill into the House of Commons that would remove male-preference primogeniture in the succession to hereditary peerages and estates in Britain.

In this short BBC debate, life peer and fellow conservative politician Baron Dobbs supports Mary MacLeod’s radical proposal, quibbling that: “[A]t the heart of that [her bill], is not equality–that is a socialist nostrum–but “equal opportunity” (2:56). This is a euphemism. As MacLeod’s own motion in the House of Commons stated, her Bill is about gender equality. And yes, it is socialist, even though they may not care to call it this. Though presented with serenity, MacLeod’s bill nevertheless carries the watermark of the Revolution’s egalitarian utopia that soaked France in blood during the Terror and snuffed out the lives of millions under Communism. No, it is not about “equal opportunity,” but about implementing an egalitarian weltanschauung. It is about blurring all distinctions and remaking society so that everyone and every thing is equal. A world without hierarchy or tradition. If this worldview prevails, communism’s crimes will have been no more than a trailer, with the full horror movie still to come.


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Not even the five fingers of a hand are equal.


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