Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia: “Germany needs moral guidance of a monarchy” – The Local: Germany’s News in English

June 13, 2013

According to The Local:

Germans…desperately need the moral guidance of a re-instated royal family, the great-great grandson of the last Kaiser, Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia…

For the prince, a country guided by politicians and a ceremonial president means not only is there no strong family to look up to, nor is there anyone to rally up enthusiasm for family life. “A presidential head of state is not enough…what Germany needs is moral guidance…

He lamented that people were putting too much value on consumerism and material goods instead of having children – something desperately needed as Germany faces a demographic implosion.

To read the entire article in The Local, please click here.

Painting by Friedrich von Amerling

Painting by Friedrich von Amerling


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