Abdication gives rise to debate on reduction of royal power – Together Magazine

July 8, 2013

According to Together Magazine:

King Albert II of Belgium

King Albert II of Belgium

The announcement of the abdication of King Albert II in favour of Crown Prince Philippe has opened up the debate about the powers of the Belgian monarchy.

Following the announcement from the Palace, the politicians were quick to launch into the debate. The Flemish nationalists (N-VA) immediately told parliament that King Albert’s abdication offers the opportunity “to adapt the monarchy to the 21st century”. The N-VA wants a reduction of the king’s powers and of royal funds.

Most other parties (liberals, socialists, greens) agree that the king’s power should be reduced, and that his functions should only be ceremonial.

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Nobility.org Editorial comment: —

That so many in Belgium advocate a diminishing of the sovereign’s powers is another indication of the advances being scored by the ideology of egalitarianism.


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