Republican MPs to boycott king’s swearing-in – Flanders News

July 11, 2013

According to Flanders News:

On 21 July Crown Prince Filip will take his oath of allegiance to the Belgian Constitution making him the seventh King of the Belgians. The prince will swear the oath in front of a joint meeting of the two houses of the Belgian Parliament, but some Republican lawmakers are boycotting the ceremony.

No lawmakers belonging to the far right Vlaams Belang party will be present. Another republican party, the Flemish nationalist N-VA…[t]he more moderate Flemish nationalist party…, Belgium’s strongest parliamentary force, will dispatch a delegation, but a number of N-VA nationalists won’t be attending the ceremony.

To read the entire article on Flanders News, please click here.

Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Prince of Belgium in air force uniform. Photo by Karl Van Ginderdeuren.

Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Crown Prince of Belgium, in Air Force uniform. Photo by Karl Van Ginderdeuren. Editorial Comment:—

Are they Members of Parliament or are they activists? Shame on them!  The rest of Parliament should discipline and publicly rebuke them. Their action subverts Belgium’s constitutional monarchy.



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