Denmark Crown Prince ready for throne – Poll

August 8, 2013

According to The Copenhagen Post:

A slim majority want to see Crown Prince Frederik become king now and a full 77 percent feel he is up to the task

In a poll conducted by YouGov for Søndagsavisen newspaper, 51 percent of respondents said that Queen Margrethe should abdicate the throne and make way for her son, Crown Prince Frederik. Some 30 percent said the queen should remain in power until her death, while the rest weren’t sure.

…a whopping 77 percent feel that he is ready for it. Just eleven percent didn’t think he was adequately prepared to assume the crown.

To read the entire article in The Copenhagen Post, please click here.

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark Editorial Comment: —

We are vehemently opposed to the idea of monarchs abdicating simply because they have reached old age. The essence of the monarchical form of government calls for a sovereign to rule for life. Thus, a king or queen’s abdication should be the exception. This recent trend among royal families seems to be turning the exception into the rule, and thus, we register our protest. For sure, this abdication fad is well received by our subversive, revolted and postmodern culture, which holds nothing sacred and strives, with almost infernal glee, to abolish the most noble traditions.


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