Buckingham Palace leaking and crumbling

October 21, 2013

According to the Daily Express:

A report published this week paints a grim picture of the state of disrepair of the Queen’s main residence, while conditions are just as desperate at many of the nation’s other royal buildings.

…staff are forced to use buckets to catch rainwater to protect priceless works of art around the palace, which was built in 1702. Chunks of masonry have fallen off the main archway into the courtyard, while six years ago Princess Anne narrowly avoided falling debris from the crumbling building as she got into her car.

[At] the Victoria and Albert mausoleum…the ceiling collapsed in 2007…

To read the entire article in the Daily Express, please click here.

Buckingham Palace. May 2007. Photo by AlanEisen

Buckingham Palace. May 2007. Photo by AlanEisen

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