Duke and Duchess of Cambridge break with traditions in choice of royal godparents and venue

October 17, 2013

According to The Telegraph:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have once again broken with royal tradition to choose friends from their schools and university to be godparents to Prince George.

The couple’s decision…is in stark contrast to William’s own godparents from his 1982 christening: the former King Constantine of Greece, Princess Alexandra, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy, the Duchess of Westminster, Lady Susan Hussey, Lord Romsey and Sir Laurens van der Post.

The ceremony itself will eschew the traditional venue of the music room at Buckingham Palace in favour of the more intimate Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace.

To read the entire article in The Telegraph, please click here.

Photo by Christopher Neve

Photo by Christopher Neve

Nobility.org Editorial Comment:

Sadly, we see royalty and nobility around the world making one concession after another as they break with tradition. They mistakenly believe this increases their popularity when the exact opposite is true. There are two audiences at stake: those who love tradition and order and the revolutionaries who seek to destroy civilization as they embrace a world of disorder and anarchy. Concessions to our postmodern world discourage the former and never satisfy the latter who pocket them and immediately demand more.

In Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira warns: “An aristocracy and a bourgeoisie that vulgarize their manners and dress in order to disarm the Revolution harm themselves. A social authority that degrades itself is comparable to the salt that has lost its savor. It is good for nothing save to be cast out and trodden on by men. In most cases, the scorning multitudes will do just that.” (Part II, Chapter 11, 1-A.)


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