Plans to give the king “the funeral he never had”

November 25, 2013

According to BBC News:

Richard III, found by archaeologists last autumn below a Leicester car park, would have attended… reburials in his own lifetime, including for his own father.

This was a profoundly religious society and reburial also had an important part in hopes for after death.

Richard seemed to be a religious man, his devotional books have survived with his own notes in the margin. And Dr Buckle believes he would have expected such a religious service.

“…he may have been buried naked, as it shows how rushed this was.”

“This will give him the funeral he never had,” she says.

To read the entire article in BBC News, please click here.

Battle of Bosworth. Painting by James Doyles.

Battle of Bosworth. Painting by James Doyles.

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