Parts of Imperial Palace will allow public visitors for the first time

December 19, 2013

According to The Wall Street Journal:

To mark the 80th birthday of Emperor Akihito on Dec. 23, the Imperial Household Agency will for the first time offer special visits to sections of the Imperial Palace that are normally off limits to the public.

A total of 600 visitors will get the opportunity to visit the palace…

…special tours will allow the public to see…the Sei-den building, where the most important ceremonies are held, including the emperor’s coronation and prime minister’s investiture, as well as the Homei-den building, used for state banquets.

To read the entire article in The Wall Street Journal, please click here.

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Photo by Parag.naik.

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Photo by Parag.naik.


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