Gradual erosion of Britain’s royal power

March 31, 2014

According to The Telegraph:

The royal prerogative is now exercised by the prime minister of the day, the Crown merely assenting to his actions. It is possible that one other prerogative has now been surrendered, perhaps unintentionally, by Mr Cameron. The right to declare war (or to go to war without any declaration) has historically belonged to the Crown. Mr Cameron’s decision to seek authority for military intervention in Syria from the House of Commons and to accept its refusal of permission has set a precedent which, if followed, means that this element of the prerogative has been transferred to Parliament.

To read the entire article in The Telegraph, please click here. Editorial Comment:— 

Unlike the French Revolution (1789-1793) that toppled the monarchy in the first-born daughter of the Church in an orgy of blood and terror, in the United Kingdom, royal privileges are quietly surrendered one by one, over a long period of time, but one would almost say inexorably.  In both countries however, the same revolutionary egalitarianism is the root cause of the monarchy’s demise.

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