For the Queen, Our Very Best: A Fairy-tale Carriage

March 13, 2014

According to Horse Canada:

…Frecklington’s State Coach Britannia has been completed after years of work. It…is 18 feet long (5.5.m) and is 11 feet high (3.4m). It has electronic stabilizers, air conditioning, heating and power windows.

..handmade yew and ebony cases…contain 60 small gold-plated canisters with the Queen’s monogram inlaid in mother-of-pearl that is under the seats.

• The interior is lined and upholstered with 20 metres of the finest pale gold silk brocade woven in England.

• The door handles are inlaid with 24 diamonds and 130 sapphires.

• The coach is covered with 9.35 sq metres (208 sq ft) of gold leaf.

To read the entire article on Horse Canada, please click here.


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