From Frivolity To An Encounter With God

July 31, 2014

“I Discovered I Had a Soul”

June 30 2014

by Tradición y Acción por un Perú mayor

Tamara Falcó

Tamara Falcó

Imagine a young television journalist who hosted a leading program on current issues and also stood out for her family name, talent, beauty and charm, a considerable fortune, an eminent social position both locally and internationally; who shone in the world of modeling and celebrity, and finally, who was constantly the center of attention at any social event she attended.

Now imagine the same young lady suddenly converted into a fervent Catholic, attending daily Mass and practicing traditional devotions such as the rosary, communion and meditation, daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament, always holy water with her in her purse, committed to campaigning for Christian values ​​in society … while keeping her TV program.

Many would say this is utterly impossible in today’s world.

But they would be dead wrong. It is not only possible but has actually happened as described. The young lady in question, Tamara Falco Preysler, 31, is a Spanish aristocrat, daughter of Carlos Falco y Fernandez of Cordoba, Marquess of Grinon and interviewer and publicist Isabel Preysler. She recounts her conversion process with all simplicity:

“Though young, I’ve had a very eventful life,” she explains. But only now “for the first time I started to fill my solitude with something good.”

“Solitude?,” the puzzled interviewer asks, finding it hard to understand how such a party-goer, celebrated girl could feel lonely.

“Yes, solitude. I have always noticed that after going to a party that I loved a lot, in a dream dress, it was all wonderful but then it was finished and over. I felt there had to be something else. That life was something else. [The party] entertained me but did not fill me. It gave me no energy… Suddenly, I was having highs and lows, going from euphoria to depression.”

Tamara Falco Preysler

“It turns out that I had a soul. I had a soul but did not know it, I was not listening to my soul. I was totally confused.”

Until her conversion she ‘thought of succeeding, succeeding, succeeding …” but gradually realized “that this is not everything.” “That is when I started following Bible readings, praying the Rosary, and then I began feeling better and better.

I did not know Christ. I did not know God made ​​man or that the Virgin Mary is my Mother. I did not know them.”

“Although He has always been with me, because God never leaves you, for a long time I did not feel his presence in my life and was looking for happiness in what the world told me happiness was: travel, money, shopping, boyfriends … I was not happy.”


Now Tamara has left her large and luxurious Madrid apartment located in the exclusive Campomanes street opposite the Royal Theatre and barely 50 meters from the Plaza de Oriente and the Royal Palace, and moved to a smaller and more modest residence.

Naturally, her conversion came as a bombshell in the most frivolous sectors of Madrid’s high society. And the press, albeit reluctantly, was forced to deal with it. Then Tamara began to be invited to narrate her spiritual journey to audiences of all kinds, especially youth.

The social effect of this event is easy to imagine. But the most interesting part is that she did not abandon her professional and social life. And now she presents herself as a practicing Catholic and even a militant one by supporting, for example, her younger brother, Duarte Falco de la Cierva, 19, who founded an anti-abortion youth movement titled “+ Vida“, which has also caused a profound impact as shown in the video below:

* * *

We have often referred to the encouraging trends in favor of life, family and authentic cultural values that are strengthening throughout the West and placing the current revolution in customs at risk. Like the international media, the Peruvian mediocracy, deeply committed to this revolution, maintains a heavy silence about that reaction.

But no “cordon sanitaire” by the media will prevent this from arriving to Peru with force if only because… it is already here. Witness, for example, the huge crowds that demonstrated in Lima this year against projected bills to decriminalize abortion and introduce same-sex “civil unions.”

Photo of Tamara Falcó by elhormiguerotv

Photo of Tamara Falcó by elhormiguerotv

Accordingly, the more extreme and aggressive the revolution in customs appears, the quicker it will wear out among the public and the greater will be the reaction in the opposite direction. On an individual level, this reaction will make cases such as that of Tamara Falcó multiply and consolidate into an unstoppable current of opinion.




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