Video – Christmas in French salons

December 22, 2014

Since no door in the town of Bethlehem was opened to the Holy Family, the Infant Jesus was born in a poor stable manger heated only with an ox and ass.

In reparation for such lack of hospitality, every year at Christmas, French noble houses open their doors to the Christ Child, his holy Mother, and to the patriarch Saint Joseph.

In sumptuously decorated rooms, in an ambiance filled with amiability, courtesy, etiquette and elegance, the salon society comes to kneel before a manger that has nothing of a salon.
However, that is where we find the Child-God, along with Our Lady and Saint Joseph, prince and princess of the House of David.
O Jesus, so humbled on our account!
O omnipotent majesty!
Charm, beauty, grace, and wonder – all render homage to the King of Kings.
O little Child, o powerful King, extend thy reign completely over us!
This is the prayer and submission of the most refined salons on earth to the Divine Monarch Who conquered the whole world from that humble stable manger.
In the heavens, the court of angels rejoices together with the courts of men, glorifying the Divine Child, King and Redeemer.

( translation)

If video does not play, please view it here.Nobility Book for Christmas


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