French prince: “I am not Charlie”

January 19, 2015

According to Free Republic:

Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans…is not a part of this vast movement “I’m Charlie” although obviously he condemns these acts that have so shaken France and worldwide.

Here is his statement:

“Charlie Hebdo is a vulgar paper, despising all opinions except its own, which, under the guise of freedom of expression, will allow provocative behavior to all. Charlie Hebdo is an aggressive newspaper that produces hatred of religions through its, supposedly, humor. Charlie Hebdo is the very image of the European atheist society which creates enmity and distress instead of respect and brotherhood among peoples and men, regardless of their differences, race, color, religion.

So I refuse to take part in a “republican sacred covenant” to defend Charlie because, simply, I do not understand what I have to defend.

I am neither disrespectful nor indecent and do not want to offend the memory of the killed cartoonists. Words fail to tell the horror of the attack that hit the newspaper. I condemn this barbaric act and present to families and relatives of the deceased my deepest condolences.

I denounce justly this sterile attempt to bring about national unity and I denounce the hypocrisy of the citizens who have never read this humor publication and who have always criticized the weekly. To honor the victims, yes. Honour Charlie Hebdo, no.”

To read the entire article on Free Republic, please click here.

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