The Children of St. Margaret at Mass

April 23, 2015

Saint Margaret of Scotland The historian of St. Margaret of Scotland, who had the happiness of residing in her Court for many years, has written down some of the simple instructions she daily gave her children as they stood around her or sat by her side. They are her own words, and he says he himself was often present, and heard them.

“My beloved children, fear the Lord, for they that fear Him shall never want all kind of good things. Love God, for if you love Him He will give you prosperity in this life, and eternal happiness with His Saints in that which is to come.”

St Margaret of Scotland and her children.

St Margaret of Scotland and her children.

Then, when the hour for the Holy Mass came, she would lead them into the church, and kneel in the midst of them before the altar, as if she saw God visibly present; and they, too, like her, bent them selves down with reverent humility till Mass was ended. One of those who sometimes had the privilege of being present on these occasions, and who had seen the devotion and reverent piety of the Queen and her children, used to say: “If you desire to know how the angels of God in Heaven pray, go to the church and look at the queen and her children, praying during the offering up of the Holy Mass.”


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