St. Eligius, The Goldsmith

June 11, 2015

St. Eligius

St. Eligius

St. Eligius, or Giles, was a goldsmith by trade. At that time Clotaire II was King of France. Having heard that St. Eligius was skilful in gold and silver work, the King sent for him, and asked him to make him a throne in gold of great magnificence. At the same time he gave the Saint as much gold as he thought would be required for the work.

St. Eligius worked with great diligence, and in a very short time, out of the gold he had received, made two thrones of unparalleled beauty, and brought them to the King.

St. Eligius

Clotaire was surprised, not only at the magnificence of the work, but more especially at seeing how St. Eligius had been able with the material given for making one throne to construct two. The two thrones were weighed, and found to contain exactly the weight of gold that had been given him.

two thrones

The King said: “This, indeed, is an honest man. While others, for one reason or other, take part of the precious metals supplied to them for their work for their own use, this man has scrupulously employed every grain given to him in this work. It is a sufficient proof,” added the King, turning towards the Saint, “that you can be entrusted with matters of the greatest importance.”

From that day forward the King entertained for the Saint the greatest esteem and respect, and promoted him to a place of trust in his palace.


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