The knight wants nothing for himself; he wants things for God alone

March 3, 2016

by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

A dying Czarniecki saying goodbye to his horse, by Leopold Löffler.

A dying Czarniecki saying goodbye to his faithful horse, by Leopold Löffler.

On the issue of chivalry, it is part of the knight’s spirit to have a generosity whereby he is very detached from himself, whereby he wants nothing for himself but only for God, and he aims very high in the things he desires. Therefore, he desires the glory of God rather than any small individual whiff of vanity, of having been this or that more than this or that person, or being upset because he was not looked upon as well as someone else. This is petty; and all petty things are the opposite of the spirit of chivalry.

(Excerpt from a Chá, Sunday, Sept. 17, 1989 – translation)


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